regina joans
regina joans

Regina Joans creates cards + prints from an independent studio in the USA.

Blank cards of original phrases or photographs and paired with handcrafted envelopes from unique paper, threading depth, texture and color.  Seasons, change, light and spacial design and main themes in the collection.   

All work is original.  

As a shy young girl, Regina got lost in books, nature, music, painting and drawing.  In photography, she discovered a deep connection with the rhythm of timing and emotion that makes for truly evocative images.  Creative expression has long since been a means of fashioning her own story.

Regina graduated from Villanova's School of Business after studying Finance and French and has taken graduate classes in art, business and psychology.  She enjoys architecture, nature, cooking and traveling for inspiration.  

She has a heart exposing our youth to the arts, and spends time working with at risk children in areas of literacy and art.  She has curated studio spaces, offers workshops and participates in pop-up shops and exhibitions. 

She is always getting zany new ideas and works on being brave and wise each day.  She likes to create out of impossibility.

Custom collaborations welcome.

There is great art and story in change. My work reflects a life in motion and a life becoming.
— regina