costa rica

i returned saturday night from costa rica.  the simplicity of life there was a meaningful reminder.  i love stepping into a different way of life.  i love the way it always broadens my day to day.

one evenings, we visited a village and sat around under the trees and stars, singing and dancing in the middle of the woods, off of a dirt road in rural southwest costa rica.  there were only scant hints of light from the few bulbs of electricity.

all good things are wild and free.  (henry david thoreau)

the lightness i experienced in this rural community offered sincere pause.  i think there is something lost in our fast and modern world, perhaps a bit too full of convenience.

real, genuine life was happening at the small box of a school house i worked in while i was there.  we drew pictures, created and performed skits! we played a version of ring around the rosy that had us laughing from the deepest parts of our stomachs. the children were certainly not perfect, but they had grateful spirits and unspoiled personas.  the kids were curious. they had real creativity of soul.  the beauty of their purity and simplicity was naive and deeply touching to me.

when the teacher thanked us for the work we did, she mentioned nothing of the games and crafts we brought for the kids.  she gratefully thanked us for fixing their leaking roof, painting their school and loving on the kids with our presence.

i think of gabriela, nimsi, anna paola, heylin... i see grace in their faces.  i am spurred forward in hope.  i see my own life differently now, forever.