dublin heels take chicago

LOVE chicago... seriously, this place has soul. it is done in a tempered, midwest style, from the inside out.

being from outside of Philadelphia, i don't mind the cold, but chicago cold is Cold. i have to dress for it, lest i might freeze right then and there. it's one thing to be homeless in west palm beach, but seeing these folks on the street in Chicago or Boston just breaks my heart.

i am traveling for work, but have lunches to myself, and so i have been sitting in a different cafe each afternoon watching people walk and talk, bundled up, going here and there. people are so normal in chicago. down to earth. solid.

i have had work meetings non-stop, however my last night there i got out around 930 and decided to explore a little. i took a cab out but decided to walk back to the hotel. i love being somewhere and finding your way, and exploring. it was a little bit of a walk with a couple of bags and a purse in heels, but it was worth it!

i had on my dublin heels! my dubin heels have been with me a long time. i remember when i bought them over 5 years ago. they are affectionately named my dublin shoes because i took them on a trip to ireland, and ended up getting turned around in dublin could not find my way back to my hotel.  it ended up being a long way to go in heels. yet i did not get any blisters, which is sort of amazing and therefore very useful to a gal when traveling. they are comfortable & they make me tall. or well, less short.

next week is thanksgiving & a week from today i will be home in PA with my family laughing and telling crazy stories as we always do. it will be cold outside, and warm inside, and we'll all be together. i can't wait. my first night in chicago i had to stop in a drug store to buy a toothbrush & there was Christmas music blaring in the store. outside people were bustling around. people in line smiled at one another. people are friendly like in pennsylvania and i always love being in this city.