L. love & latella's.

home sweet home. this past weekend i was thinking to myself, it's Not always home sweet home to everyone. in fact, it's not that my home is Always home sweet home, because my family is far from perfect. but all things considered, i am thankful for my family. we have a Blast together, & the older i get, i realize this is not exactly the trend. my mom & dad are two of the most selfless & fun people i know. during thanksgiving, as friends of my sister & i stopped by our house, or we ran into them out & about, i was reminded how much my mom & dad are known by our friends for being kind & fun, the sort of people who you could sit & laugh with or get solid advice from & probably something good to eat too. during thanksgiving, we just love being together - my mom is a wonderful cook, my dad Loves to eat her food, & we enjoy walking & hiking, playing games, telling stories, martinelli's, watching movies & even some football! i'm so thankful my family has taught me everything good i know about being faithful, truthful, giving back, working hard and smiling.

as i sit back & think about their lives, i respect them, even if i don't always agree.  the path is not always easy, but they do the right thing. i greatly admire them for that, and realize that even as parents they are still finding their way.

i don't get to see them as much as i would like, something hit me anew tonight as i sat around the dinner table laughing & telling stories. these are the moments that matter. i wouldn't trade them for anything - & yet i do. i think today i feel a welcomed sobering – a gentle chide to not take the goodness of family for granted. Not that i ever have, but as time goes on, i realize these two are a special pair & my Fun-loving sister too. for better & for worse they have helped shape my unique brain! as a family, it's full of messiness sometimes, but there is so much beauty as we work through the mess, growing & changing together. it's good to be home.

we did our annual hike/walk. the weather was Glorious!! cold but not painfully so. and the trails were Breathtaking.

i Love October & November. i love the hills & the mountains & the woods. it feels deep & rich.