a sad day

one of my oldest friends from childhood called me today. as I hung up I realized how much I smile on old times. his voice shook as he told me a boy we grew up with was killed in Afghanistan. the miliary just told his mom this morning. so new. a moment changes everything. it’s strange how your memory works. i immediately though of his mom. then I thought of their house which was on the street behind my parents, and how we grew up passing one other on bikes or running through the neighborhood. i thought about 5th grade camp & some photos someone took of us as we were boarding the bus to go on our long awaited sleepaway trip. i thought about how he moved to florida to be near one of his best friends shortly after i did. i remember the three of us zooming around north county. i wasn’t so surprised when he moved back to pa.

time goes & we are left with it's bittersweet residue. those were some good days. i thought about him and his two other best friends. these three guys were like brothers. growing up I always remember the three of them together. thick & thin kind of friends. i think one is counted blessed to have friends of that sort. i need to go home tonight and dig up some old photos. i hung up & cried.

what do you say to a mom who lost her precious boy? in Jewish tradition, people would do what is called sitting Shiva. there usually are not the appropriate words to console grief, but the presence of those who care ends up being far more visceral than words...
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