washington DC

i traveled today to washington DC from philadelphia's 30th street station. as an aside, one day i want to do a photoshoot at 30th street station. i just adore the feeling that place. it's industrial & dreamy all at the same time. love that.

when i got off the train @ union station, i wanted to try & explore & use public transportation. since i'm used to driving in & out of DC, i had to dig around a little, but found a bus line that takes you to georgetown for $1! wow, dc circulator!

today was a great day. a work day for the most part, but late this afternoon i got out & took a really long walk. i'm staying near woody park not too far from georgetown... so i walked through rock creek park down to where pennsylvania avenue meets M street. a bit overcast today, with spring in the air. there is something about that smell, the change of the seasons coming on. it's so familiar. i am a seasons girl, so living in south florida is a tall order for me. there is something hopeful and honest and real about the seasons changing.

in georgetown, i walked more up and down M street, but wandered off on a side street & found a cupcakery called georgetown cupcakes - delicious.

tonight i found a local neighborhood spot near my hotel. i sat outdoors as the evening air started to chill & just stared and stared at the pink and purple sky fade behind the barely budding tree limbs. the fact that people were sitting outside in 50/60 degree weather was just great. i got a chai to go and it was so velvety! love discovering and being here.