book: ruthless trust

"To live without risk is not living, my paternal grandma used to say. The way of trust is risky business, no doubt about it… challenges require a willingness to risk a journey into the unknown and a readiness to trust God even in the darkness." (brennan manning)

"A person should not act impulsively of course... But when the appropriate time comes, only the disciple with an unflinching trust in God will dare to risk. And that trust is not naïve; it know that the possibility of making a mistake and getting hurt is very real. But without exposure to potential failure, there is no risk." (brennan manning)

Henri Nouwen said, “At every moment you have to decide to trust the voice that says, I love you, I knot you together in your mother’s womb; Stop wandering around. Instead come home and trust that God will bring you what you need; Let go of all the self made props & trust that God is enough for you.”

Somewhere along the way, in the life of the maturing Christian, faith combined with hope grows into trust... And I suspect that fidelity to the way of trust will lead us to the same place it took Job: ‘Even though he slay me, yet I will trust him.’ The foremost quality of a trusting discipline is gratefulness..." (brennan manning)