film: god grew tired of us

a couple of days ago i watch the documentary film, GOD GREW TIRED OF US.

in the documentary, a group of boys travel barefoot across the sub-saharan desert of sudan under unimaginable conditions to escape civil war in their country.

as a large group of the boys joined together as family, they were dubbed “the lost boys” & many miraculously made it into a refugee camp in kakuma, kenya. a few were selected to re-settle in the united states & this documentary chronicles their escape from sudan, their journey to america & experiences transitioning into the western world.

written & directed by christopher quinn (co-directed by tommy walker), this film is a testimony of the purity & poverty of the human condition (physically & spiritually), ruthless hope & resolute determination. it is eye opening as it "illuminates all that has been gained & much that has been lost in the continuing immigrant experience of coming to america." (

in wathcing, you experience in raw view, the un-westernized mind in lighthearted, awe filled moments of a grown young man learning to turn on a light for the first time, yet also the heartache as they dive deeper into the economic forces of american culture & further away from the community that gave them the spirit to live.

it is highly telling of how an advanced but fragmented society directly opposes the life giving (literally) community that sustained the boys as they fled sudan. community kept them during those conditions.  reminded me that modernization and technology advancements offer connection, but that doesn't mean we are actually connected.

amazing film.