christmas 2009

i trekked up north to my family's home in the philadelphia area yesterday. travel all up & down the eastern seaboard has been delayed because of 20 inches of snow fall on saturday! on the flight north, i saw the constellation orion from the airplane window. at 35,000 feet it was quite a sight without light pollution. diamonds in the black sky. i had a moment. i relish in travel, the energy of discovery, ever expectant at what i might come across, experience or find.

today i spent the day tooling around outdoors in the oh so cold winter weather... boots, scarf, sweater... the works.

 it's that good cold that makes your lungs feel so clean. i plunked myself down for a while in my favorite local coffee shop to warm up, read & just be... reflecting on the year past & embracing the possibilities of the days to come...

it's christmas time & in the midst of the craziness i've been listening to all my favorite music, contemplating & letting the anticipation of the season build. i love christmas music. the smell of a wood burning fire. big fluffy blankets. hot drinks. crunchy snow. the dreamy feeling evoked striding down the street people watching. twinkle lights!