alice in wonderland

recently when i was walking to work... and that morning, snap.

i remember being especially thankful. thankful for perspective, for hope in the questioning, that audacity that is knit into the DNA of being a human...

"my ears had heard but now my eyes have seen"

i felt in awe of how peaceful my heart had become in the midst of everything that has faced me this past year. i think i practically started skipping. not b/c everything in my life has a neat ending, because it absolutely has not. i was overjoyed in my heart because, despite that, I was so happy.  there is a place one arrives to when all that has been done, has been done.  the drapes have been pulled back just a little more.  clarity, finally.

it's been quite a year for me personally. but i know it's been quite a year for a lot of people. it doesn't take too much perspective to realize i've got it pretty good.

here's to standing in the tension of the beautiful mess.

the morning comes.