traveling to nantucket

today i woke up at 5am to pack. i threw two pairs of jeans & lots of camera goodies into a bag. i made some last minute plans to head to nantucket, boarded an 8am nonstop jetblue flight to boston.

i think nantucket draws old souls to its shores. when i landed, i went straight outside to catch the bus to hyannis. the plymoth brockton bus line runs buses down to hyannis where you can catch the hi-line ferry over to nantucket. during the 2 hour bus ride my eyes were heavy & i read/daydreamed about padding around cobblestone streets smelling the cool sea air. i fell asleep!  opened my eyes just as we were pulling into hyannis. walked the 15 minute out to where the ferry departs.  the last leg. i love the ferry ride & though it was a closed cabin day, i stared out the window the whole time watching the sun sparkle over the water. there is something about seeing water on all sides...

i saw the face of my sweet friend as i made my way off the ferry & we hugged then traipsed through town to the inn she helps run. the island feels like home to me. strong history but also a delicate charm. i love that even in its toughness, it still has a loveliness to it.

when we made it to a little inn & i just stopped & stared. the island is charming in its aged yet preserved beauty.

we ordered take out and sat around & chatted about life. there is nothing like people that you can really kick back with & be yourself. dinner, we grabbed tea at the bean coffeehouse on center street. this local coffee café has that low-key independent feel that only belong to locally owned coffee shops. we walked out to brant point at the end of easton street & listened to the water crash onto the beach. the lighthouse glimmered against the last bit of daylight & the sky glowed. we all shivered as the temps are hitting the low 40s overnight right now here!

i am tucking myself in, tired & grateful, loving the adventure of getting up and out.