my secret garden

passed through my hometown outside of philadelphia a couple of weeks ago, & so it was a surprise when i showed up again for father's day.

 my dad was so happily shocked & hours later was still perplexed looking at me - it was great! when he pulled up to the airport his face was so stern looking through the window at me that i thought he was going to drive up the curb!

we have these gardens near my parents home that we love! depending on the blooms, it can really feel like a secret garden. my dad has a famously successful green thumb. he loves getting a coffee & going to the gardens & talking about what he might plant next - along with what he wants to eat for his next meal. he's wry & witty... & downright silly at times. he is extremely kind & giving, very loyal & hardworking. we had a couple of incidents that were gut wrenching funny.

 we bbq'd on the grill & i mowed the grass for him on his intense fancy tractor! i wanted to drive it & boy did i ever (he told me to slow down a bit on the turns!!).  love the smell of freshly cut grass. it was all very hilarious, i assure you. it is so nice to walk around the yard (barefoot), dodging golf balls he might be hitting.

happy father's day!