empire state of mind

new york city is this place that i have come to love. i'm an old soul, & there is a lot about nyc that is just tried & true - & i like that. it can be quite a tough & gritty place... & yet an incredibly soft & dreamy place too. 

we got a fairly decent amount of snow in the philadelphia area the day after christmas, & nyc was still digging out when i padded out of penn station this AM. so much in fact, that i had to trade my smart looking flats for the first pair of hunter boots i could find!! i quite overestimated NYC's snow removal situation! but i was now better suited to play in the snow piles i found in central park! had a walk late this afternoon & the light was just right. sledding in central park ... good company ... snow piles ... giggles & laughing ... a baby's rosy cheeks ... clean smelling cold air ... 

i viewed some art, people watched & had the most tasty cup of joe at sant ambroeus. 

these seemingly small moments are dear. it's not the extravagant exceptions to our lives that are most noteworthy. it is the trend of our moments that mark & define who we really are.