haiti: large scale mobilization needed

i made a friend. he is from haiti. i see him every morning & he is full of jest yet kindness. he comments on my outfits & we exchange morning greetings en françias. we talk about haiti & the people there. i share my traveling experiences & the editorial photography work i did & why. he asked to see my photos & i shared them with him. he offered to support me next time i go! my heart melted. he shares stories of the family members he lost & those still trying to survive.

i wish the people were empowered to truly change their government. today my friend asked me if i would be on their government! i said i gladly would. if only. there are a few large missions organizations i can think of that may have the capacity to go in & bring supplies & healing to a large number of the population & educate them on the reality of their situation. when i was there, i remember talking to one man in an overfished seaside village so destitute they were bringing in mino sized fish. he said he would work – that he wanted to work – but he could not find a job. they have little to no supplies or knowledge about how to be sustainable. these people are oppressed!

my heart breaks for what i saw in haiti. people are living under plastic tarps because their government is evil & corrupt.
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