a road trip

yesterday i made my 1st fuel fill up in palm beach gardens, fl & then headed 95N to philadelphia! i forgot (hilariously a regina moment) to push my speedometer to -0- when i departed. i took the shot at left & then realized i would need to subtract 80 miles off my end journey!

for years my family has been flying back & forth to south florida. sometimes as a little girl they would pack up my sis cristina & i for a road trip adventure to spend some time with my grandparents in jupiter.

c & i always got our bears & books set up in the backseat of our family car & got very excitable counting off the states... until we got to florida. i remember we thought we would get to see our grams & gramps as soon as we got to florida... with palm beach county 5 hrs into the state, we asked the infamous when will be there scores of times during that final stretch!

a road trip. when i got accepted to showcase my art work for the month of February in PA and also needed to transport some other goods back north for my sis, i decided on a road trip. music, wind & sky, but it's a long way. while company would have been grand, i absolutely love the open road ...

as i was packing up my car on thursday night after work, i got really excited talking to my sis & tim! they were plowing out from lots of snow!

flying philadelphia from palm beach is just over a 2 hour flight... driving it is around 18 to 20 hours, depending... well, hehe, depending on speed!

the other Very Important issue on road trips is water closet stops. it is quite tricky because i wanted to drink water (& coffee), but i did not want to stop in shady spots! as such, here is the plan i made: leave sofla around 330am, blast through fla, ga, sc & nc in the daylight & leave va & north for dusk & dark since i am most familiar with those areas.

once i started, i just got so excited to Get There, & there was so little traffic going through the southern states that i was able to keep a high rate of uninterrupted speed. my dad said i made it in record time!

i had such fun practicing french cd's... "écoutez et répétez"... having all sorts of sing-a-longs (yes, at one point it was a dance party in baby volvo II)... & talking to my sweet friend leigh who was also on a road trip The Same Day! we were rest stop accountability buddies... " did you make it out " ... " yes, back on the road..." :)

it was 44 degrees when i left sofla, & it pretty much stayed in the 40's all day. dawn is dreamy. i saw mist coming off the land in northern florida. i would have loved to stop & photograph that misty daybreak.  all the way up the coast it was blue & clear. i stopped off at the north carolina virginia boarder to use the bathroom & found a little park. the sky & air was just so crisp & fresh.

it topped 50's in the carolina's mid-day & i first saw snow on the northern tip of richmond as i headed in for the home stretch passing washington dc. incidentally, that is when the sky changed. i can always notice the winter sky changing when i fly north to south - snowy northern skies can be thick & white & by richmond, the sky transitioned! seeing it all in 1 day was rad!

i decided to stop in richmond for more fuel & a salad. with only bathroom & fuel stops, i really needed to walk around & take a break!! i really like richmond & it is not too far off 95, so i made a little detour for my single pitstop of the journey! i called my friend otilia & reminisced with her about her virginia wedding weekend as i passed all the richmond thoroughfares we traipsed around on together last may. virginia really is for lovers.  you can get so far fast! zip zip.  by 7:14pm i was off that lovely beltway & baltimore bound! and then finally to philadelphia. i made it!

when i paid my toll in wilmington, DE & the gent handed me my change, he looked at the random pack job of my back seat & smiled saying, "be safe young lady & have a good night..." so nice! home!

i met cristina & tim in ardmore for some catch-up time & then c + i drove to our parents... over the river & through the woods. :) the highways are deceiving given the amounts of snow in the burbs! this morning i did not realize that last night i drove past this into my family's driveway!