this year i learned...

happy 2011. 

life isn’t conquered in a moment. it begins & ends & begins again. 

may the close of a year & the start of a new one spark you anew & afresh. this was a digging out year for me, and i'm excited for a lighter year ahead.  

my best to you for a 2011 full of gut-wrenching laugher & all kinds of curious discoveries.

truly, regina

2010! i bid you farewell!

i learned that i most love creating out of impossibility because that is what God does in me.
i learned that grace is divine happenstance.

i learned that real love is unconditional – where Love is, fear won’t tread.
i learned that only divine meekness & majesty stir change - moralisms do not change the heart.
i learned just how thankful i am for Hope in the tension.
i learned that power is marvelous but dangerous – exhibited in truth it is liberating, but misused it is destructive, deceitful & crippling.
i learned that you always have what is purely given.
i learned that truth avoided will degrade into beautifully clothed deceit.

i learned that love is both will and emotion.
i learned to discern a limp from a crutch. 
i learned to say no to shenanigans – this is hard & i am clumsy!
i learned that transition can be turn into exponential growth.

i learned that transformation requires sacrifice.
i learned to be truly still.
i learned that pain is complex. 
i learned how to be a deeper & newer version of me. 
i learned to not doubt in the dark what i saw in the light – for the morning comes!
i learned that without transparency there is suffocation.
i learned to be present in the moment i am in.
i learned that time & space doesn’t alone heal wounds – that it takes courage to grow into who we are supposed to be.
i learned that letting go doesn’t mean giving up.
i learned anew that there is no such thing as small change.
i learned (quite excitedly) that i am a bit braver than i realized.
i learned that redemption can only be realized when the broken is let out.