one of my favorite places is a library. la bibliothèque. there is the intrigue of knowledge. ideas unhushing from the conscious.

i remember walking around my elementary school library in my khaki skirt & keds looking at vibrant covers with inventive titles. i liked to pull the books out half way to see the shapes of letters on the jacket sleeves.

while purusing the shelves at the atheneum nantucket today, i came across a favorite artist.

alfred stieglitz is a photographer whose work has inspired me.

i am particularly fond of his 1893 shot titled: winter on fifth avenue (his image, at left).

icy night is also a favorite.

i feel movement & life when i look into stieglitz's images.

composition is a piece of that, but most of all, what emotion does it stir?

i look into stieglitz's work (motion), vs. at it (flat).

in his documentation, i am stirred in the midst of a story.