a sconset bike ride

yesterday i set out on a bike ride on nantucket. the island is just waking up from winter hibernation and the air is still very cool. it smells clean and fresh.

we biked from cliff road through town, out to polpis road where the bike trail begins to sconset. birds chirped and with the wind whipping, my fingers were chilled and cheeks very ruddy by the time we made it out to the tip of the island.

the absence of the buzz of technology is a welcomed break. sometimes my life gets really busy and i need to refresh by soaking in the quiet.

how peaceful is the bellow of nature.

all in all, we biked about 4 hours!  my legs feel like linguini today. we did stop a bit to shoot.

below was my bike path... follow it and enjoy! we took milestone road back to complete our peddling adventure.

it's not open just yet, but a stop for lunch at the chanticleer is a quaint & tasty spot. or check out the sconset market for a snack or picnic.