spotted: c + r

my sister & i have grown up playing together, laughing & making up so many creative stories as kids. i always loved when C would clean out my dad's whole shed & pretend we lived on a farm. "get the cattle in," she would yell & we would run around preparing for the storm like little house on the prairie.

on the way home from a trip recently, i made a stop in philadelphia to spend some quality time with my sis, who is also a lovely bride to be & needed some relaxing sis time. from the moment her mini cooper blasted up to the curb at the airport, my giggles started. she comes flying out of the car... "no one can drive in these terminals...!! come on r, hurry, i need a latté! love your shoes, you look soooo good, do i have that scarf?!"

we zipped (& i mean Zipped), out of the terminal at PHL & raced (& i mean Raced) down i95 into town to do a little walking & talking in rittenhouse square before heading back out to the burbs to surprise our p's with my arrival. we sat outside at parc, & chatted & laughed in a Glorious spring day in pa. there was a celeb at a nearby table & C decided to eyeball stalk her. me: "C, let her eat. it's a faux pas to interrupt someone at a restaurant - she is just a person, let her be!" my sis: "well, people interrupt me while i eat....!" i just shake my head & we giggle knowing she's only half kidding.

we strolled over a block to anthropologie (we love the walnut street store - oodles of creativity) & tried on polka dot shorts in the same really big, made for sisters fitting room we always get when we go there together. we inevitably gravitate towards the same threads, so when we checked out with 2 pairs of teal polka dot shorts, we just laughed. traditions! i found this saying (at right) on the bottom of a plate in the store & i love it. it reminds me so much of how i like to wake up each day & live.

i made her laugh & lighten up given the 5 million decisions she has to make for her upcoming nuptials. she is handing so many people, decisions & to-do's with extraordinary grace... & a few needed & noteworthy meltdowns. the other day when she breathlessly announced, "i am so stressed, my colon is in a rump," i nearly fell down laughing! where does she come up with this?!

this little lady knows every back way possible around philadelphia & her mini cooper (simply "mini" to the fam) fits the bill. after picking me up, she was anxious to get to parc for their frites. literally as she zigged & zagged through about 3 cars around a corner & started to accelerate on the open road she goes, "see R, this is how it's done...!"

i giggle & calmly say, "C, but this light is red...!" thankfully we didn't die or get a ticket.