old man on sea wall

today i was exercising by the intracoastal & there was an old man, probably around 85, sitting on the sea wall at the most southern end.

the old man had his head down & he was sitting all alone. i had my earphones in & i looked directly at him to say hello, but he kept his head down. on the way back he still had his head low but i saw his finger moving. i wondered about his life. somehow i understood his expression. he was peaceful, but longing.  there was something in him that knew life was bigger than the moment he found himself. he had a patient ease. 

i continued on & my eyes got a bit moist thinking about this humble, strong old man. on the next go around he had started hobbling down the path. i wondered if it was okay for him to be out there all by himself. when we passed each other i paused a bit & i smiled widely. he seemed almost shy at first & then knowingly grinned. he had kind eyes.

there is something to human interaction; it has great power to lighten our hearts.