summer fare

this summer has been exceptionally hot in south florida. i have my spf900 & my shades to keep my fair skin & freckles in tact as is.

last night i took one of my walks all over the island (palm beach) & the steamy air was one therapeutic facial. i don't mind the steam as much as i mind the sharp sun rays. 

it goes against the tide to say so, but there is something sleepy & charming about the island in summer time. it is quiet & still & despite the heat, it's become one of my most treasured times of year b/c of that quiet stillness. i love heading out to the beach late in the day & sticking my toes in the ocean. warm & soothing, it is relaxing and makes me ready for sleep! dusk & summertime.

summer fare must be light and refreshing. i hate feeling full in the heat. recently my sis & i had a few days together up north outside of philadelphia to take long walks, finish her wedding plans & have some overall R&R.

we ended up cooking a lot together. we stood around the kitchen chopping vegetables while enjoying crisp, icy cold rosé & laughing, our faces full of that dewy, rosy glow of summer (aka perspiration)! we set out one morning to the local farmer's market where we loaded up on fresh legumes for a summer bbq.

our fare:
sautéed corn
spinach & cucumber salad w/ haricots verts topped w/ shaved sharp cheddar

bbq chicken on the grill
summer yellow squash & zucchini w/ sauteed onions & garlic

al dente pasta with lemon zest, fresh lemon juice, tomatoes & shredded parmesan
for dessert we grilled peaches. to prepare, cut each peach in half, de-pit & lay each half face down on the grill. we served them with a dollop of coffee ice cream.

bon appétit!