summer haze

the summer is drawing to a close. with a full heart (and sweaty brow), i am rejuvenated & looking so forward to the autumn time... my favorite. after months of travel & weekend adventures, i made the challenge to glue my feet to the ground for the last month & stay put in sofla. i disconnected a bit... some discoveries are worth mulling over & resting upon before releasing them out to the world.
dusk and summer. most evenings i took long, hazy walks leaving cell phone rings behind as i wandered & wondered. stillness is revealing.

i know most would not associate summer in south florida with being refreshed, but i got still & this was a special summer for me personally. we all have these pile of moments we collect as the years pass... there were a good deal of those this summer & i am so grateful for them. in a world with a harried pace, it is good medicine to take a moment from our habits.

i don't want to be dependent to a specific lifestyle or way of doing anything... i want to be open handed & nimble, controlled only by hope & faith.

at first, my evening strolls were a downshift. coming off a really exciting bunch of months of travel, i had gotten used to the cities i visited. back in sofla, i challenged myself to have the same eyes of discovery. childlike wonder. i truly believe there is much miraculous in the common.  onwards and upwards...