thought of the day: the light will come

there are moments in the dark when you believe the light is out there, though it cannot be made out from any vantage point. you wait for the morning to come. there are moments when it seems like time is frozen. there is a stillness, a long, intense quiet that calls only patience.

there is opportunity for miracles in the dark.

there is the chance for a surreal kind of communion in the dark -- to be honest, it is a terribly scary place, this dark night of the soul.  it means getting a little lost in order to be truly found.

there are severe moments of ache. and so we get a bit into the dark places & turn back prematurely. but the only way out is completely through.

sweetest communion in the deepest anguish.

the light does come. the kindness of God has overwhelmed the darkest hour. it is finished.