autumn glee

autumn is in the air & i cannot stop grinning. it is my Most Favorite time of the year. 

yesterday afternoon i traipsed all around out in chester county.  the light was just right, the air was cool & clean... and i found some leaves beginning to turn as they swirled about. so i stood back for a moment & took pause in the seemingly simplistic.

you cannot recycle time. i look around the world every single day & i cannot wait to dive into it. 

yesterday i was on a flight & there was a young boy sitting with his family. he had an adorable, precocious little voice as he narrated our departure. as we went wheels up, he cried out, "annnndddllllliiifffffftttt offff!" i giggled from a few rows away & hoped that he keeps this upbeat spirit as he grows up, engaging in a world that needs more of this raw, unfiltered way. we hit some weather on the decent, so we had to circle a while as they re-routed all incoming flights to a single runway. the little guy was precious. when we were able to see land, he caught glimpse of a ball park & said with excited glee: "what if someone was on a parachute AND they landed on the ball field AAAAAND it was during a game???!!!!"