thought of the day: windy run

tonight i went running with my friend who runs marathons.

really r, Wwwwwwhat were you thinking?! i've been running a couple times a week for the last few months, but my 30 min Jogging is not really to be compared to her pre-marathon training. the spread of time between when i used to run cross country & now seems to be approaching infinite.

as we pounded the pavement along flagler (a running trail in WPB, FL), the wind was glorious & my music was loud. i remembered why i used to love to run so much. i was much better trained then - i would run without music through trails in suburban philadelphia listening to the sounds of the outdoors.

there is nothing like long distance running to deepen the soul. foot steps became beats... and singing birds, raindrops plinking, leaves ruffling to the ground... all these sounds somehow turned into musical notes.

we finished up running out to the end of the pier & it was rocking with the gusts.

i took off my shoes and stood on the sea wall edge trying to keep my balance.

 i took in the gusty sea air & was very glad for the moment. (for it shall be a long time until i run again!!)
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