festive winter

sitting in an airport people watching! there is festive christmas music playing (drowning out some loud talkers). i am sequestered here until the next leg departs - a nice moment to catch my breath from a weekend full of travel.

i love christmas time. for a lot of reasons, but i especially love that it is so hopeful & twinkly.

this weekend i was out of florida & got a dose of cold weather & even a few flurries. a dream! there is something about cold winter air, white christmas lights & the smell of fire burning somewhere in the distance... i get a 5 year old's grin on my face and instantly want to toast marshmallows by a fire.

last night i was on the road for a little over an hour at dusk. the sun was setting a bright red. driving up & down hills, the sun cast a red glow on the leafless trees. the sky was a breathtaking silhouette of wintertime. ahhhh. dreamy awe.

loud talker has departed. my christmas blend coffee is almost finished.
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