a new way home i don't remember

the last few days of spring has been enchanting. little green buds are everywhere. shining sun, cool breezes. i've nearly got my apartment sorted - what a task! piles of books are starting to find ledges & sills, and so i know i am beginning to settle in... mostly i am desperate to be completely unpacked. i worked so hard to get the studio sorted, that in my own personal organizing, i still cannot find random things... like this rock pumice i used to keep in my shower. i mean, why isn't it in with the rest of the bathroom items?! no doubt it will turn up in the silverware drawer or someplace similarly ridiculous.

moving is wonderful & difficult. while it's exciting because everyday seems to hold something new, there is also the reality of good byes and changes... which i admit, are hard for me... and so i want to make this transition count... there are loads of giggles & a sometimes a few bleary eyed moments.

the intersection of trust and hope...

this week i finally tackled going to the DMV, car title registration and inspection... and alas, i survived.

i met some people who live near my apartment & they were kind enough to invite me for dinner. it's neat that i can walk through town to get to their house... i love being able to walk places. they are a sweet young couple with a 4 year old daughter who i am taken with entirely. she is as precocious as she is adorable...

across the street from the studio there is a coffee café with some faces that are becoming familiar... i wake up early each day to singing birds (i remember this now as a kid in PA), and head into the studio to create, organize, network... i am trying to catch my breath... there is so much to do...

the passion is in the risk.  it is nice to be able to hit pause on my business career and be in this self made art studio, experimenting.

we shall see.

spring has been encouraging. birds are singing a wild tune outside right now. so delighted to be here in this moment.